how to change vhost template file for good?


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Feb 27, 2010
Hello everybody, after i edited vhost.default and ran /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf i thought i did what i had to, later i figured cPanel will override vhost.default on updates and my changes will be lost.

i searched for some posts regarding this here and the solution is to make the changes to vhost.local instead, but i don't have vhost.local so what i did is "cp vhost.default vhost.local" changed it and rebuilt apache conf again.

but what I'm not sure about now whether that's all! because vhost.local was not there already, so is it like cPanel will check if there is vhost.local exists then it will rebuild conf using it and if not it will use default?

i don't want my changes to be lost at all, i did some security limits there and i don't want them back to how they were before.

so if there is something else i need to do now please let me know.



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Apr 7, 2006
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vhost.local will not exist by default, you have to create. Once created we won't touch it. If vhost.local exists it will be used instead of vhost.default.

Everything you described in your post are the proper actions.