How to clear INDEX OF/ on my webpage


Feb 28, 2017
Uyo, Nigeria
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Am new to Cpanel and web design generally

On Saturday 25/2/2017, I edited my site, changed the css and html file names, it is a STATIC WEBPAGE, then refreshed the page and what I saw was INDEX OF on my site. I couldn't return to the old names as I forgot them.
On Sunday, I emailed the hosting company to
1.reset my domain to default and delete all files and folders, and if possible too
2. transfer my domain to another server.

I don't know if they also carried out option 2, but I noticed the files were no more, so I believe the domain was refreshed(option 1). But on uploading the files again with the instruction they sent me by using FTP software Filezilla, I still noticed the INDEX OF/ and that's what is still showing when anybody accesses the site.

Before, I was able to use FTP to access my directory, but now anytime I try to access my files using Filezilla FTP it throws an error thus:

Attached is a pics showing what visitors see on my page