Jafar Muhammed

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Mar 21, 2017
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Hello all,

I have an e-commerce website based on Magento 2, hosted on my VPS along with a few static sites. As part of the performance campaign, I am looking for using a reverse proxy for caching up static contents and delivering to the visitors.

I have been searching for using Varnish Cache as my reverse proxy until I read Varnish Cache will not work with SSL. The next option I had in mind that using NGINX, but there is no native support in cPanel.

I am now reading about Apache Module mod_proxy, and I found that mod_proxy is already installed on my server by going WHM > Software > EasyApache 4. But I couldn't find a guide about the configuration.

Please tell me if using mod_proxy a good idea until cPanel have a solution expected through Nginx proxied to Apache (not standalone Nginx)

How do I configure and confirm that reverse proxy is working for my website(s)?


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Apr 11, 2011