How to configure open relay for email?


Jun 27, 2018
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My IP is on the blacklist for 2 months now, there are LINKS that are NOT on my server and they send SPAM, I asked OVH for support and the only thing they told me is that I need to configure OPEN RELAY. They do not do it, and I do not do it.

What I want to do is that only people who use MY SERVER (hosting) can send emails, IF NOT on my server they can not send anything and there may be something like a firewall or something like that, apparently the OPEN RELAY does that, that NO ONE SENDS CORREOS if they ARE NOT REGISTERED IN MY SERVER.

Can you help me set OPEN RELAY please?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @mkaioh2,

Exim is not configured as an open relay on cPanel & WHM. Authentication is required for the system to send outbound messages.

Can you provide more information about what SPAM blacklist your server's IP address is on? Does the blacklist provide a specific reason your server's IP address is blacklisted? Additionally, note that a good first step when troubleshooting this type of issue is to ensure your server meets all of the guidelines documented at:

How to Keep your Email Out of the Spam Folder - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

Thank you.


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Mar 28, 2009
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I believe you are asking wrong question. You don't want to setup open-relay as it make the server open for spamming and by default cPanel's email server, exim is not configured as open-relay. May be you can share the email from OVH to clearly understand the issue.

PS: You may ask your questions in Spanish in cPanel's international discussion forums too. Discusión en Español
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