How to create a FEEDBACK form for Web page?


Sep 3, 2008
Good day to everyone,

I just signed up and created a web page using Host Gator's Website Builder - I had added the Feedback part of the web page to my list of what I wanted - but no joy - all I got on that certain page was please fill out the form below - but there was nothing.

I had asked Zach at Host Gator for some help - but he stated that they couldn't aid in web site development -

I'm looking for step-by-step instructions on how to get a simple feedback form loaded into my web page that will direct those comments to my e-mail and forward them to a online account.

The CPanel I have has all kinds of software - i just don't know what I'm doing per using it to get the correct (whatever) to work and load up in my web page. I have an FTP program and have loaded word, power points, and PDF files - and did some editing on the page itself - but this is over my's my first web page and I have never worked with something like this before...