How to create hosting accounts on another HD


Jan 6, 2010

I just hire a Cloud in the SoftLayer server.

However, plans for Cloud Conputing the company have more than 100GB HD in the primary, so I set the server over a secondary 500GB HD which should be the files of the websites hosted on the server, and a tertiary just for backups.

My question is how to configure WHM / cPanel for the hosts use this secondary HD?

I checked the settings and gives you configure multiple folders "home" where are the accounts of hostels, for example: home, home2, home3, etc.. I do not know how to get the accounts to be created on the second HD.

If anyone can help I would be very grateful.
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Aug 16, 2007
You are in the exact right spot..Check the home prefixes I beleive and check the other options right there ...

1. You must mount the new harddrive in Cpanel . Do that under the harddrives section. Name the new will need that later so dont forget.

2. In basic whm setup.. put the partition name in that you just set..most people would use /home2.

3. Delete anything in the home prefix field.. that will disable that and therefore it will force you new accounts to go to the new hard disk.
4. Now you can move the accounts from the old /home to the new /home2 by using the re-arrange accounts function located under Account Functions.

I beleive I got everything there...


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Jan 24, 2005
Yes, you got it right. The only problem is, if there are accounts on primary drive i.e. /home. Just by moving the home directories to /home2 won't do as you will have to make changes in VirtualHost entries and in your code if you are using absolute paths. So a better idea is to move the home directories of old accounts from /home to /home2 and create a symlink for those

mv /home/user /home2/
ln -s /home2/user /home/user
If this is a new server without any account, then follow the first 3 steps suggested by "l00ph0le".