How to create subdomain through legacy file manager?


Apr 4, 2014
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Hi all,
i would like to know whether i can create a subdomain through the legacy file manager in cPanel? I own the site and would like to create a new sub-domain to host my websites files, however my webhost doesn't allow me to create sub-domains directly. So i wanted to ask, whether i can make sub-domain using file manager???
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Feb 25, 2010
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You cannot create a subdomain through either the Legacy File Manager or the File Manager. A subdomain requires entries to be written to the Apache httpd configuration, and neither the Legacy File Manager nor the File Manager can do that. What you are asking is not possible.

The only way to create a subdomain is with the Subdomains feature in cPanel. If your host has disabled the Subdomains feature, or you have reached the limit of the number of subdomains you are allowed to create, you need to ask your host to create the subdomain for you.