How to download files from other server???


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Feb 11, 2009
I need to download files from other server to my server ... How can I do theat with Cpanel 11 ...
Also server where are files is pass protected ...

Please help if you can ...
Thank you


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Oct 29, 2008

There are several options to download files from some source server to your destination server. The most reliable and the fast way to do this is by using some FTP client.


This can also be accomplished by using SSH. SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged over a secure channel between two computers. Now a days nearly every web host provides this on request. You will need the PuTTy client or SecureCRT to connect to your server via SSH.

Once you are connected via PuTTy just follow the instructions:

1. Login to destination server via SSH and open the folder in which you want to download the files.

cd /home/somepath/to/yourwebsite/public_html

2. Use the command below to fetch the file from the source server
wget OR IP of source server/file to download.

If the source location is a file inside some Cpanel account then it must be
password protected in this case use this command:

wget ftp://Cpanel accountusername:Cpanel account [email protected]/name of the file


You can also use SSH command Prompt by logging into your source server and transferring the files to the destination server using the rsync command.

/usr/bin/rsync -zaHlv -e /usr/bin/ssh /path/to/your/source/file destination server FTP or Cpanel [email protected] server IP :/path/at/the/destination/server/