How to find out if it's possible to add new accounts, programatically?


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Sep 30, 2002
OK, this may sound odd but let me explain my problem....

I create new accounts through an external PHP script but it sometimes fails. I've found out that it's not caused by the script itself because, sometimes, it is not possible to add new accounts through WHM either.

I suppose it's not possible during the VPS backup process or simply when something else goes wrong. Usually, Apache restart does solve this problem.

The question is: is there a way to check if everything is working as it should and that the server is ready to accept new accounts, from an external script? I can create a "test" new account and then terminate it but that doesn't seem to be the best way in my opinion.

Any ideas?




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May 27, 2006
Johannesburg, South Africa
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You actually need to analyze the problem. Why can't you add new accounts at certain times?

To write a script to see if the server is "ok", one needs to know why it''s not "ok" and then take if from there, or even better try and establish what's blocking you from adding accounts, and try and fix it :)