[how-to fix] The remote server X unexpectedly terminated the connection


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Sep 20, 2003

I was having trouble with the copy multiple accounts function in WHM, everytime it came up with the same error:

The remote server XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX unexpectedly terminated the connection. (connection not allowed from this server?)

I started debugging with ethereal and found that there was nothing wrong with the connection. So i ssh'd to the target server, and typed:

ssh source.server.ip

I got something like: Connection not permitted (i don't exactly remember :P)

I searched on the internet and found out that it had to do with the reverse dns settings that were not right. Here's how to fix it:

Logon to the source server
edit /etc/hosts and put in a line like
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx target.hostname.com target

offcourse you need to replace xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with the target ip and target.hostname.com and target to the right values.

I hope anybody gets help from this because i spend 2 hours on finding out why it didn't work.