Mar 4, 2013
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Root Administrator

My name is Willem and recently I have my own cloudserver at VPS.net.
On this VPS.net server WHM/cPanel is installed.
On this US server I have one account: ruzzleonline[dot]net.

In cPanel I managed to create an emailadres like info[at]ruzzleonline.net.
What I want is to put a forwarder on this emailadres to my personal emailadres (gmail).

In Gmail you can add another 'Send from' emailadres where you can use the 'SMPT server' via 'TLS'.

But I'm really lost at this point with al the terms.

- is it right that every account I make on this vps server uses the VPS server as the MTA? I read things about MTA and postfix, but actually can't find anything on my VPS which has to do with postfix. I can find that Dovecot is enabled right now with the IMAP and POP3 protocols. But as I understand Dovecot only makes my mail visible when I use an mail user agent like mozilla thunderbird. I think I don't use these protocols because I only want my mail to be forwarded to my gmail and send mail via SMPT protocol. What do I have to to on my VPS/with postfix and can I disable dovecot?
- my server is on vps[d]sellebrating[d]com. When I look into the DNS for sellebrating[com] I see an A entry for 'mail' and an MX entry with hostname mail[d]sellebrating[d]com and priority 10. I don't use an emailadress for this domain, but I do want to use emailadres for the account ruzzleonline[d]net on this server.
When I look into the DNS there I see that mail (and www) is there as a CNAME. Why is this not an A entry (at some site I read I can change all A entry is Cname?). For the MX record I don't know what I have to fill in, please advise.

I was thinking that only the 'server' can handle email, so I have to fill in mail[d]sellebrating[d]com?

But when I check the settings in Cpanel for acccount, I see I can also use Non-SSL Settings (NOT Recommended).
Outgoing Server: mail.ruzzleonline.net
SMTP: Port 25

Is sais: Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

So why is it not recommended, the authentication they mean is TLS right?

And is still my VPS server which handles the email? I assume because mail.ruzzleonline.net is in the DNS as an Cname which is a cannonical for ruzzleonline[dot]net with the IP adres of the VPS server.

But what I don't understand when I look into the DNS of my shared hosting account:
smpt is a seperate A entry and the MX entry is 'mail'.

So that's different again.

Please advise.

Kind regards,