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Aug 29, 2022
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Hi All,

I needed advice on how to host the website outside of cpanel on cloud servers from other cloud providers such as google cloud or azure in this case.

Because my current wordpress website is creating a lot of system resource issues on the cpanel reseller hosting as mentioned by my hosting provider.

There are couple of unknown resource spikes in the cpanel hosting frequently at times of the day. The advice from the hosting provider is suggesting we take their CPanel VPS server plan to help resolve the issue.

We have upgraded the plugins in wordpress and some optimization on wordpress to reduce the resource spikes, but it is unable to prevent the hosting provider from suspending our cpanel account due to frequent resource spikes as it is affecting other clients in the same hosting server.

Therefore, I am thinking of hosting the website separately from my cpanel, so that emails are still able to function when the website is down or being resource intensive.

I am now wondering how to carry out this task:
  1. How to set up the DNS records in cpanel for website hosted in cloud server so that the website is still accessible going forward?
  2. How to manage the SSL certificates between the cpanel and the cloud server (Ensuring the website still has SSL enabled)?
  3. How to ensure that the cpanel email server will work with the external cloud server independently?
Would like to hear advice from anyone helpful. Thanks.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! This would all be managed in DNS. You'd just point the A record of the site itself to the server where the site is hosted. You'll also likely need to change the mail DNS record from a CNAME to an A record pointing to, and then ensure the mail subdomain points to the correct machine.

If you're using AutoSSL, it will follow the DNS of the site and work just fine.

Let me know if that helps!