How to install GlobalSign OneClickSSL plugin successfully:


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Jun 27, 2003
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How to install GlobalSign OneClickSSL cPanel pugin successfully:

As I was installing GlobalSign OneClickSSL plugin for cPanel on several server, it gave same errors on all, whether they were 32 bit or 64 bit. CentOS 5.6 or 5.7 or CentOS 6. So looked around for fixing the dependencies and issues. OneClickSSL search here gave "no result found", I am sure most of the members here are quite expert in such matters, but me being a dumb admin and always learning, tried my luck fixing it, and following worked for me.

Posting this in hope someone will benefit from it.

SSH as root or su to root

Then give following command (you can copy all lines in one go)

/scripts/perlinstaller CGI::Session;
/scripts/perlinstaller Time::Local;
/scripts/perlinstaller MIME::Base64;
/scripts/perlinstaller WWW::Mechanize;
/scripts/perlinstaller File::Touch;
/scripts/perlinstaller HTTP::Headers::Util;
/scripts/perlinstaller Config::Crontab;
/scripts/perlinstaller Mozilla::CA;
/scripts/perlinstaller YAML::Syck;
/scripts/perlinstaller XML::Simple;
/scripts/perlinstaller Date::Simple;
/scripts/perlinstaller JSON;
/scripts/perlinstaller LWP::UserAgent;
/scripts/perlinstaller HTTP::Request::Common;
/scripts/perlinstaller HTTP::Headers::Util;
/scripts/perlinstaller WWW::FieldValidator;
/scripts/perlinstaller Digest::MD5;
/scripts/perlinstaller Template is;
/scripts/perlinstaller IO::Handle;
/scripts/perlinstaller IPC::Open3;
Install this separately (somehow on my servers "/scripts/perlinstaller SOAP::Lite" didn't worked), at the end it will ask for configuration options, default is fine, so answer: yes
perl -MCPAN -e 'install SOAP::Lite';
Once done, install GlobalSign OneClickSSL plugin for cPanel (check for latest version on their site)

chmod +x cpanel-plugin-2.6.sea;
Login to your WHM as root go to
Main >> Plugins >> GlobalSign OneClickSSL
And configure it to your liking.

Don't forget to change the Landing page (under "Advanced SSL Reseller Options"), otherwise GlobalSign will steal all the sales :mad: