how to install self signed ssl cert? Invalid method in request \x80L\x01\x03


Dec 5, 2004

I have installed cpanel whm .

Then I used the upcp cpanel command to update software.

I was using apache 1.3.31 and the upcp upgarded it to 1.3.33 .

Anyways, when I look at the netstat -nlp i get this:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2987/httpd

and i can telnet to port 443 on the server with the ip address.

However when I visit , I cannot get any page , and redirect looks to be in place (MAYBE) not sure just seems like that. Anyways, the end result is a page not found error.


I dont know what Is the problem, maybe i have a missing entry in the conf file,


What are the procedures to setup a self signed ssl cert and test it using https://serverip/ ( --

also what would be the correct httpd.conf file entry to support the self signed cert.


The error message i get within the httpd error logs looks to be as follows:

Invalid method in request \x80L\x01\x03
Invalid method in request \x80L\x01\x03
Invalid method in request \x80L\x01\x03
Invalid method in request \x80L\x01\x03


I installed cpanel new, ssl worked, then used the easyapache or upcp update to update apache from ersion 1.3.31 to 1.3.33


does anyone know what is wrong or how to fix this issue?