How To Keep Old IP Configuration When Migrating Servers?


Jun 27, 2010
I currently am planning on migrating my data between 2 servers with WHM installed on both. I searched through the forums previously but haven't found a thread with the same exact situation/approach.

I would like to keep the exact same IP configuration so that downtime can be minimized and I won't have to make changes to the DNS or worry about downtime. I will be able to get the same IPs bound to the new server once everything is set up.

My old server has accounts spread over multiple IPs under various reseller accounts.

1) To add the old IPs to the new server (for purposes of account IP assignment), should I first use the Add A New IP Address function or the IP Address Migration Wizard?

2) If I use WHM's Copy Multiple Accounts function, will the IP addresses be assigned in random order? Reading over the manual page, it doesn't appear there is a way to specifically assign an IP to an account when importing.

3) Would the best way to restore the IP configuration be to write a script (for example using the WHM XMLAPI functions like SetSiteIP) to match up the old IPs to the newly imported accounts?

Thanks in advance for any help.