How to make a backup email

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Mar 7, 2017
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I have a client who has one email that 10 employees use. The client has around 500 emails per day in inbox and 300 in sent folders per day.
He would like to make a second email that would contain all emails from first email (inbox and sent folders), something like a cloned email.
The reason for this is to have a backup email so if somebody of employees intentionally deletes email in first email it stays in second email which they have no access to.
The access to second email would be granted only to the owner. This backup would need to be done automatically, as soon as it comes to inbox and as soon as it gets sent, or as a cron job.

The reason for this question is because there has been intentional deletion of emails in inbox and sent folders, and theft in owner's company. An employee misused owner's thrust, ordered materials and goods for company and offloaded them to different locations, sold them and took money to himself, then deleted emails. It all ended in criminal investigation and jail.

Is there any solution for this, to have all emails on second place, as a backup and precaution? I know forwarding but it does not solve sent folders.

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Oct 18, 2021
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Hello! The options discussed in this thread should be useful.

You could also make an archive.

Can you let me know if this helps?