How to move/transfer account to another account on same server?


May 25, 2009

I am hosting my on a dedicated server with root access to WHM. I have multiple cpanel accounts with wordpress blogs installed on them. There is a cpanel account in my WHM server which has only two websites and I want to move/transfer/migrate (however you see that) that entire cpanel (including database) to one of the cpanel accounts within the same WHM server.

So the domains will be subdomain of cpanel I would transfer to. I tried to search on google but could not find any related thread/article.

I will really appreciate if someone can guide me in right direction

Thanks in Advance


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

There are no utilities available that will automatically migrate one cPanel account into another one. You will need to backup the existing account in order to preserve it's data. You can do this via the following command:

# /scripts/pkgacct user1
Then, I suggest extracting the packaged account manually to ensure all of the required data is available. At that point, terminate the first account and begin adding the domain names as "Addon Domains" into the second account. You will have to recreate any Email/FTP accounts and databases. Last, you have to manually copy and import the data from the extracted archive over to the second account. Ensure you update the ownership values of the files to the username of the account you move them to.

Thank you.