How to protect our site from malware?


Feb 17, 2021
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Hello friends,

I'm new in this thread but i need your help because late month my site is suffering from malware and i delete all the files from the cPanel. But again and again make lots of spam files. when i redirect all URL that index in google but when i see in next day again make another files. so, please help and before malware my site is properly index after one or two minutes but after malware, i suffer from an indexing issue, so, please my friends help and give some solutions. i waiting for your benifits solutions.

Thank you,
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Nov 9, 2001
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The "standard" answer would be make sure that all the software the you use on your web site is up to date and that all your passwords are unique and complex.

In our environment, we see lots of customers that update WordPress (for example) but then neglect to update their plugins and/or theme. Or they are using a plugin/theme that is "up to date", but has not been updated/maintained for years and years.

Hopefully that goes you on the right track.