Dec 16, 2006
I am very new to cpanel and whm. I have created a text only html file using mozilla composer and tried to ftp it across to my cpanel account using filezilla.

under host address i used ftp.mydomain.com and under server type i used ftp, under port obviously 21, user is the [email protected] and password as main account password.

The question i would like some help with is, is this the correct procedure to use to publish a web site file as i went to www.mydomain.com after filezilla stated that connection successful etc and i still saw the cpanel holder page.

I am not IT trained but am using cpanel/whm to run our small office server and am wondering if i should have stated the public_html directory as a location?


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Feb 11, 2004
Isle of Anglesey, UK
it should go in public_html folder that is the root of your site.

when uploading make sure that it replaces any index file there already (index.html, index.htm, index.php etc) delete any that are not yours.