How to Redirect without browser address changing ?


Jan 15, 2010
i'm new to cpanel, having just been transferred to it by my hosting service.

i have two domain names and used to pay the host to redirect one address to a site hosted on the webspace attached to my other domain. this always worked fine & on redirection, the address bar in the browser still showed the original domain name (not the actual domain name where the page was really located.)

now i'm on cpanel, is it possible for me to set this up myself ?

i have tried setting up the domain that needs to be redirected as either an addon or parked domain, but when i set up a redirection it always updates the browser address to the actual location.

my web host suggested adding
RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(.*)\.html $1\.php
to the .htaccess file in my public_html folder
but this doesn't seem to have done anything.

since i'm not so technical, and in case i haven't explained it too well, then maybe this is clearer ... (these addresses used for example only)

i need to redirect to
but i want to stay in the address bar of the browser of anyone that visits that page.

thanks for any help you can offer. be gentle, it's my first time.



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May 9, 2008
You will require the URL masking. For that you will need to contact your domain registrar to set the URL masking while forwarding your domain.