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May 12, 2004
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cWatch provides an install but no removal

How do we remove it.

As to why I want to remove it is because their support is the worlds worst.
I had an support ticket opened in March which was never resolved.
The answers they gave me were ridiculous.
For example :
we were not able to reproduce issue on our environment.
Please download our new version of cWatch module 1.3.10
Please ensure you have the latest WHMCS installed. Then, reinstall the latest cWatch WHMCS module and re-setup.

So after months of back and forth and sending them screen shots I give up.

The software problem was with my billing system and they couldn't fix it.
Imagine if this caused a problem on the server.

The guys at Multacom, who are the best, helped to remove it from WHM but we still have it in Cpanel
I need to be sure this is gone.


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Since this isn't an application we create I can't say for sure how it would best be uninstalled. While I could likely instruct you on how to keep the icon from showing up in cPanel, that wouldn't mean that it is actually removed from the system completely. It would be best to reach out to their team to ask how to uninstall that tool completely.