Oct 26, 2009
"I have a forum with phpbb installation. I auto installed it with the help of Fantastico. This was in English. Now I have found an Urdu translation of phpbb. But I do not know how to install or replace it.

Please guide me how can I install it. Should I replace the existing files with the translation files.

Please help because customer service of my host is very poor


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Oct 24, 2003
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you would have better luck asking your question at phpbb's site

phpBB install local language pack Tutorial

Want to have a local language forum board ? no problem ! phpbb is a popular forum board software and there are complete sets of language packs for you to localize your forum board, and installing a language pack is simple too, just follow steps below :-

1. download the language pack of your choice and uncompress it
2. upload the expanded folder tree to your hosting account, place the entire folder into the language folder in your phpbb forum folder
3. login to your phpbb administration panel, under the general setting, set the default language of your board to your local language
4. Your phpbb is ready to speak your local language now.

Note: If you are not seeing the default language change to the local language just set when visiting the forum, try clear your PC cookies and revisit the forum again, there may be personal settings in the cookies saved in your PC that is interfering the change.

Please note that installing these language pack changes all the standard text displayed in phpbb (i.e. menu item, navigation descriptions, help text etc.), if you are using a custom style, you may need to make some changes to the image buttons or any other custom text in the style template to reflect the local language.