How to run 2 duplicated cPanel Accounts simultaneously


Dec 25, 2020
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Hi There,

I had recently migrated my cPanel to Digital Ocean. But once the DO (DigitalOcean) cPanel is activated, my old hosting cPanel is either getting suspended automatically or the A records (Host IP Address) of my Private Nameservers are modified and pointing to DO automatically without me changing them.

So, my question is -
Is there any possibility to activate both the cPanel accounts and run simultaneously - so that I can shift the servers anytime any error occurs - from DO to my old host (or Vice-Versa) just by changing the A Records (Host IP Address) of my private nameservers?

**All my websites on the account are purely WordPress Built and no emails hosted on the server.**

Also, as I recently migrated to DO - I just want to check just 1 or 2 sites of my whole account by pointing them to DO and leave the remaining pointing my Old Host. So for this testing purpose - how can I proceed?
Once I'm happy and everything works fine, then I can change the A Records directly and point the whole account to run from DO Servers.

P.S.: Both the cPanel licenses are different. Old hosting license is owned by the hosting company. For DO - I had purchased the license separately on my name.


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I would expect things to work as you think - you can have both servers up and running and just change which one is "active" on the web by adjusting the DNS. There must be something else happening that is changing the DNS as that won't happen automatically.

Have you used the Transfer Tool to move data between the systems? If so, and you are using the Live Transfer, the Source server will route the traffic to the new Destination machine automatically, which could be what you are describing.