How to set deleted email accounts to be collected from default email settings?

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WIN 10 + firefox browser v88.0
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Alexander Wussler

May 21, 2016
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Dear support team,

after I deleted that specific email account, these emails are not collected as an unspecific email and now gives me a failure if I try to send to that email.
Sceenshot >

I need now your help to solve this, that this old deleted email account will get the status of unspecific or unset email to be able to collect emails with the default email setting.
Screenshot >

I am looking forward to your helping advice.

Best regards, Alex


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I would expect the second screenshot you included to be the correct configuration for the issue, as that would forward the message to the default account. You could also choose to forward the message to another address so you don't need to check the default account separately, allowing you to use an account you check more frequently.

If that isn't working how you expect, can you check the /var/log/exim_mainlog entry for one of those messages and see if there is additional filtering happening there?