How to setup CPanel in VM, purchased fixed IP, month rental Cpanel license


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Mar 30, 2012
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we initially tried to install CPanel on our local machine and learnt the hard way that it doesn't support local IPs and private installs.
So we have purchased a fixed public IP from our ISP and are ordering a monthly rental CPanel license for a few months for development and testing code on this new test server.

We plan to host this CPanel-CentOS instance inside VMware with 2GB RAM and ample disk space, but the problem is we cannot get the IP address setup right, as CPanel says not to use NAT.

Is there a howto or manual of setting up a Cpanel-Centos VM inside a Windows XP Pro SP3 machine, behind a router (otherwise on a dynamic IP network)?

We plan to use it as a beta server.

The various machines are setup as:

(internet) <--> (router w/ dynamic IP) <--> (Win XP w/ <--> (Cpanel-Centos VM w/ fixed public IP)
So there has to be some way of telling the router, and VMware in Win XP that our IP is inside the VM at the right side there --^.

Can any license incorrectness issues can come up, despite the fact that the IP and the license are purchased?

Thanks in advance.