How to share the root administrator account with separate passwords


Feb 28, 2007
Laie, HI
I have primary oversight and administrative control of a cPanel server, but I desire to share that control with one of my employees. Clearly we could develop and share a common password to the root account, but I hate doing that. The problems of having shared passwords are messy. So, I would like to be able to create, in addition to customer accounts and reseller accounts another administrator (root) account with its own password. Ideally, I guess, I would like to associate it with an account that has already been created, like upgrading a reseller account to administrator. But that part is not a big deal. I would be happy with just an alternate root password, with the ability to change the passwords independently.

Anyway, how can I do this? Thanks! Don Colton


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Mar 3, 2006
You could create another account and apply whm privileges with root access. Look into the reseller center in whm if that would work for you.