How to show total bw usage for all reseller accounts?


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Nov 5, 2001
Yes, I realize that we can click the "View Statistics" link from within the Reseller Center area.

However, if you have multiple servers and several hundred resellers.... this "manual check" of reseller total bandwidth usage not a practical method to see if any resellers are over (or close to) their aggregate/allowed limit.


Is there some utility or tool I am missing so that we can see a complete listing of each reseller on a server, and how much TOTAL bandwidth they are using for all their domains?

I must be stupid, but how do other people who have a lot of cpanel reseller accounts on their servers track total bandwidth usage for each reseller? :(

I would LOVE to see something like this in the WHM:


Now showing Reseller Total Bandwidth Usage (using 4.5gb of 10gb allocated) (using 26.5gb of 50gb allocated) (using 90.3gb of 100gb allocated)

(Of course, if no resource allocation is specified for the reseller, then the "of 100gb allocated" part would not appear.)