How to stop changing IP adress webmail subdomain after every upgrade?


Apr 14, 2004
I have a problem with one subdomain, I will try to explain, hopefully someone has a solution.

It's about the subdomain :
That one needs to point to an IP address of external webmail server.

So I changed the DNS record of, and it works like it should.

But after every major upgrade (Cpanel upgrade or Exim upgrade), I lose the IP adres. After that upgrade the DNS record is changed, and the subdomain points to the IP adres of the Cpanel server.

I know the webmail subdomain is used by Cpanel as well, and that that is probably the reason that it changes the IP for that subdomain to the IP of the server.

Is there perhaps a sollution that the IP adres I put in the A Record for the subdomain webmail won't change back to the IP of the server after any upgrade?

For all the other accounts, I will still need the subdomains like and to be active and pointing to the Cpanel server itself.

I hope someone has a solutions, cause I couldn't find any in the forum.
Thanx in advance