How to stop/terminate a backup restoration that is stuck on "Restoring Account" ?


Sep 24, 2014
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Root Administrator
Hi, I've been using cPanel for quite some time now (around 7 years) and this is the first time I encounter and issue I can't resolve by myself and actually had to signup for a forum account, first time ever. For **** sake, how do you guys stop a backup restoration that has been "Restoring Account" for 2 full days straight without actually doing ANYTHING?

I have ps aux'd the server and there is no cpbackup or cprestore process or anything I could spot related to the backups.

I have rebooted the server twice and it's still "Restoring Account".

I even rm -rf /home/backup/ after 1 day of waiting and it didn't make the task crash or stop!

How do you terminate this and clear the backup restoration queue? Is there a file to delete on the hard disk somewhere?

I'm completely desperate and done searching on Google. Thanks.