How to stop X- headers being added to email


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Jul 22, 2011
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Just out of curiosity why specifically do you want to remove these?

You can edit the X-Headers at WHM>>Service Configuration>>Exim Configuration Manager -> Advanced Editor.
Thank you. We send email through some external Mailman mail lists and some of this mail (from the mail list) is being rejected by and mimecast servers because of a suspected mail loop. Mimecast says this is because there are too many receive headers. We have checked this and while the mailman server does add it's own headers to outgoing messages, there are only 5 receive headers in total, but there are about 40 headers overall, so we think Mimecast (and possibly are counting all headers rather than just receive headers. Many of the X- headers added by my server are not needed so we would like to remove these and see if that resolves the situation with and mimecast.