How to train SpamAssassin per mail.

May 29, 2017
South Africa
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Hi guys.
I hope everyone is well.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to tell SpamAssassin that one specific mail is spam so that it get's filtered out server wide.

My question:
- Am I able to train SpamAssassin on a per email basis?
- Can I do this globally (For all domains)?

I need to figure this out or I may need to go back to SpamExperts.


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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @Wade John Beckett

What I think might be best if it's a specific email is to create a global mail filter to filter that email to spam How to Create a Spam Email Filter - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

If you wanted to employ it globally you might want to look at the Exim System Filter How to Customize the Exim System Filter File - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation
Before making modifications to the Exim System Filter though I would ensure that the rule is working as intended.

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