How to turn off/disable/block MySQL and Kernel updates in WHM


Feb 15, 2005
How to turn off/disable/block automatic MySQL and Kernel updates in WHM


I've just upgraded my server from to RELEASE: . I checked WHM » Server Configuration » Update Preferences » Those good old "kernel, mysql, exim" and some other updates are gone. I've checked around and realized that I also can't downgrade, and it says now they are controlled by rpm.versions which I don't know what that means. Okay everything is good but does that mean I won't be able to block/disable automatic updates for Kernel, MySQL anymore from any other menu or even ssh?

I really don't want my server to automatically update neither Kernel nor MySQL. How can I make sure that they won't be updated???

Note: I've done the following steps but not sure if that really helps... (I saw that over here: )

1. Run "touch /etc/mysqlupdisable" from SSH as root.
2. Enter "MYSQLUP=never" to /etc/cpupdate.conf

I would be really appreciated if someone can guide me how to disable/turn off/block automatic MySQL & Kernel updates in WHM RELEASE:

Thanks in advance.
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Apr 7, 2006
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cPanel & WHM doesn't upgrade your kernel, and never has (aside from some buggy behavior in ancient times).

To learn how to control updates to cPanel-provided RPMs please consult our documentation: rpm.versions