How to Turn Off DNS/Nameserver Checking


Nov 20, 2012
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The current version of cPanel has a feature which is causing a host of issues.

If I RESTORE a client's cPanel back up in WHM and that cPanel has any Add-On domains, if the nameservers for those Add-On domains DO NOT currently point to this new cPanel server, then cPanel restore will not restore any of those domains nor create any of the DNS entries for those add-in domains and will show an error.

This is a huge problem for me because I run several cPanel servers and routinely have high-priority client's cPanels intact on more than one server just in case there is a server problem or network issue. It is common for me to upload the cPanel to the server once a month or so on those clients.

Is there any way to turn of this nameserver checking in WHM cPanel Restore?
I have looked across the various configuration panels and can't see it.

Also, I may be describing this using incorrect terminology as I cannot find anything online about it either.

Thank you.


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Apr 11, 2011

I'm happy to see that information helped. Thank you for updating us with the outcome.