howdo i tell exim to reject mail from certain ip's / countrys ?

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Jul 9, 2005
hi people,

I have a problem.I'm receiving every two / three days spam about some idiot's site called "ultraporn".For now i'm just blacklisting his domains and then it stops for awhile.But after a while he registers a new domainname and there he is again :mad: :mad:.At the beginning his whois information whas protected by a service called "whoisguard".They advertised a "zero tolerance spam policy" on there website but guess what's true ? it's fake !!!!!! i complained to them about the spam but they are still there.I guess spammers money is money to .... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

so how can i tell exim to reject emails from certain ip adress / countrys and if possible i want the idiot to see a message like "go away spamming scumbag" i would love that :D i searched google for it but i'm scared to screw up my whole mailserver.

This guy has like a dozen of domainnames and uses them to send out his rubbisch.Manny of his domains are controlled by enom or GoDaddy.I have the mailscanner package and i'm blacklisting him as soon as his bull**** arrives but that's by hand ... i'd like a more "automated" solution.I guess spammers money is money to for the registerars they all claim to be against spam but that's just to save there own ass when it comes to a law suit.If i could afford it i would sue them all.I HATE SPAM !!!!!! :mad:


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Jan 24, 2005
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Try and configure exim with ACLs, You can LOOK HERE for step by step instructions. (Look into the post #53)

Please don't forget to exclude from the ACL list as it is no more functioning.

You can also add IPs in the black list for exim to reject them with the message you want.