.htaccess: PassengerRuby not allowed here

Slava Y

May 2, 2018
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Root Administrator

We have manually installed Ruby on Rails and Passenger, as we have done so previously on a different server, but this time we're running into an issue that we're struggling to resolve.

/home/pcnet/public_html/staging/xxxx/site/current/public/.htaccess: PassengerRuby not allowed here, referer: https://xxxx.staging.domain.net/

Evidently we have resolved this issue once before on a different server but we're stuck this time and hoping someone here has an answer on how to resolve this.

Thanks in advance!

P.S The reason why we installed Ruby on Rails manually is because we needed an older version of Ruby with a version manager (RVM), when we tried installing Ruby and Passenger via EasyApache, it locked us at version 2.4
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