SOLVED HTML file is not being rendered properly


May 8, 2019
Zhejiang China
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I am new to using cpanel or heck, even web building. I decided to learn a new skill and wrote my own website. I purchased a domain name from GoDaddy and their host option as well. So here is where I am at. I went into file manager and added a new file for my website. I uploaded all files that are associated with my coming soon page. After the files were uploaded, I entered my domain name what shows up is (please look at the images, the first one shows what is displayed).

I went back to my file manager and highlighted my html file. When it shows up, it appears to be in text format and not rendering it as an html file. I had my friend who is a code writer view my code and he said it was the correct format and loaded perfectly on his local server.

I have been figuring this out for a few hours now and after following many youtube tutorials on how to load files into the cpanel, it still not working properly. Is there anyone that can offer any advice?

Please see the loaded images :