Html or Cpanel... Why is there index and no home page??


Mar 8, 2011
I'm a complete newb at posting sites and I'm not sure how to get the home page up instead of the index page, I have uploaded html files onto the html_public folder but it wont load my home html when entered in a browser, is it something I haven't got in my code or is it something not loaded on to the c_panel????


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Feb 25, 2010
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By default, index.html is the home page. This is fairly standard across control panels and hosting platforms. Upload your home page into the public_html (not html_public) directory as index.html, and it will automatically be loaded when your site is accessed.

If you insist on using the filename home.html, you can click Redirects in cPanel and create a redirect from home.html to index.html. Alternatively, you can create a symlink on the filesystem from index.html to home.html. However, using index.html is the standard, and index.html is the page you need to replace when you upload your site.


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Oct 2, 2010
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Of note, there is a much simpler way to change to home.html over index.html rather than using a redirect or a symlink. If you put the following into /home/username/public_html/.htaccess file (in File Manager, select to view hidden files and then open the file .htaccess in public_html folder):

DirectoryIndex home.html
Here is a discussion on Apache's site about this directive:

mod_dir - Apache HTTP Server

This is the preferred method to have another page display as the main default page over other methods as it parses this page first.