Dec 28, 2006
I have not written any redirection rules in .htaccess file or any where. But when i see the stats for my domain i see thousands of 302 HTTP hits to the site.
i am seeing the AW stats. and i can paste a copy of the stats here.

HTTP Error codes* Hits PercentBandwidth
302Moved temporarily (redirect)534382.4 %27.17 KB
301Moved permanently (redirect)2403.7 %2.29 MB
400Bad Request 3014.6 %0
206Partial Content279 4.3 %1.18 MB

So can you guess why the site is getting so many 302 hits.
i see 5343 of 302 hits to the site. is this some thing strange. Why should the site get so many 302 hits.
any modifications are to be made.
An help is appreciated.

Thank you.