Dec 3, 2004
Everything is up on service status. but I cannot open no sites on internet explorer tab.
There is something wrong with ip or dns. But I cannot find a solution. Please help me... Thanks...


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Jun 18, 2003
I have a very weird problem.

My server reponses to ping or traceroute fine, the load is low and normal but noboy (in different countries) can access normally the domains on the server.

I checked dns, firewalls and all is ok, Yesterday all was working perfect and today you take up to 5 minutes to acces a simple domain with a basic html page (if you dont get before a toime out response)

When i connect via ssh, if i execute a command like "ps -fea" or "top"i get desconnected.

I informed to my server provider (theplanet) and they checked the server and the network and they say that all is ok.

But my problem persist, I supposed it was my isp, but i had a lot of calls from clients in different cities and countries aith different isps.

I dont know what more to do.

Any suggestion?