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Oct 13, 2005
Spokane, Washington
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I have a bunch of these showing up and staying very high and taking the CPU, Memory and Swap very very high loads.

4539 nobody 0 0.0 6.5 /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -DSSL

Is there a fix for this?

Can any help me with this problem?


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Jan 24, 2005
It seems there any plently of connections to port 80. If there are too many httpd connections, you can check which IP is particularly causing it. Execute the command :-
netstat -alntp
and you will get the list of Ips connecting to your server ports. If any particular Ip is causing problems, you can block the IP on your server using iptables.

But if the connections to your server is from different IPs, then it will not be a good idea to just keep blocking IPs on your server. In this case you will have to search for a domain on your server causing the server load. Below are the steps to search the domain :-
First check by ps -aux command the PID which is using more httpd processes.

Then run the following command: :-
strace -fp HTTPD_PID ( Replace the httpd_pid with the pid you found above)

strace is a command to track system calls made by processes where,
'f' means "follow forks", so we watch things happen as new people visit websites and
'p' swtich means show output for the given PID.

The more traffic a site gets, the more httpd processes access the domains' files, the more likely you'll see a lot of the domain in the output of strace. So you will get the domain name from here.

Now its up to you to suspend the domain or contact the client.