HTTPS Sites Without SSL Redirecting To Site With SSL


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Feb 15, 2013
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My topic is the same as HTTPS Links for Sites Without AutoSSL Redirecting to Site With AutoSSL? but that thread is too old to reply to.

So my topic is exactly the same as above thread, but as a different or at least one workaround that I am hoping works for me - I really don't find the proposed workaround about IP allocation for SSL & non-SSL accounts a real practical workaround - I tried to create an account on the top of the list of all accounts, something that starts with 0-a.HOSTNAME.COM and that way if that vhost is first in the list in httpd.conf as the first vhost:443 Apache will load that webpage for and on 0-a.HOSTNAME.COM I just made a parked index.html page saying there's no website at this address.
Only problem, httpd.conf vhost:443 for 0-a.HOSTNAME.COM is not built/served on top thus still loading someone else's website.

But I really thing (while I understand this is out-of-box how apache works) cPanel should have a way of handling this - how? default parked pages on https when AutoSSL is not enabled for a website.


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Nov 14, 2017