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Mar 4, 2003
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Just 2 hours ago, I received a notice from Joshua Shaffer that he has deactivated all of our licenses in two /24 IP ranges (which are about 70-80 licenses). The reason he deactivated those licenses is that they (cPanel) apparently have a problem with the company we get our IP space from, while cPanel knows that we are only just getting some of our IP space through them and haven't got ANY other affiliation with that company. We don't work with this company in any way, we run our own hardware and all.

After Joshua deactivated those licenses, he sent me this response:

Joshua said:
I am sorry that this adversely affects you, but at this point we are not willing to release the block on that IP space until our issues with <masked> are resolved.
How ridiculous is that? They apparently have a problem with our network provider, but why the hell would they involve a 3rd party like us with that? Is this a bad attempt to make our network provider pay their bills faster or something?

Furthermore, Joshua blocked those IPs at the very moment their office was closing, and right now cPanel is completely unreachable. Our clients are obviously thinking that we didn't pay our bills (while we did), and this is making us look very bad. I have already warned cPanel that we will be taking legal action against them if we lose any clients over this problem, but I guess they won't be doing anything until they read this in the morning.

If anyone has any advice about how I can reach anyone from cPanel directly, I'd greatly appreciate that.
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