Sep 23, 2002
Recently, one of our server's mail quene has been building up and causes a high cpu load. I am thinking that a spammer(s) tries to use the server to send off emails but they are not sent off and get stuck in the mail quene. Also, there seems to be emails with viruii, etc stuck in the quene.

We have been cleaning up the mail quene to bring down the cpu load but its getting tiresome and sometimes the quene is so high (30,000 emails) that its getting to be a very serious problem that we have to do reboots.

Upon looking at the emails, i notice that they have &from& fields of mostly nonexistents yahoo users. Is there any way to stop this mail quene build-up or for the quene to automatically clean itself once it reaches over 500 emails in the quene? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.