Jan 30, 2003
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I, too, got my credit card out when I read that it was $99. For $199, I can hire someone to write custom scripts that integrate into my own backend...

Sorry, but add me to the list of people who won't pay outrageous rates for simple things.


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Sep 20, 2002
Toronto, Ontario Canada
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No one is trying to get into a "pissin" match with you. We are trying to actually help you realize a missing demograph. As to the statement of
the price is not right for a few of you guys on the board
you obviously do not understand the the people that come to this forum nor what's inside cPanel. If you did you'd realize that certain aspects of your product are useless to cPanel servers, hence the need for greater adaptability on your part.

As to the price being "normal operating cost", sorry, this software is not "required" to have a business operating properly, as has also been noted, most of what you're offering that is viable for cPanel servers is available for free using alternate tools. Also are you only targetting the U.S. ? The reason I ask is that if you are not, remember the words currency conversion. Your $199 US is $258 CAD as you can see it can end up not being so cheap for other countries.

The "bloat" by the way is this
Microsoft SQL
DB2 Server

All of these are basically useless on standard cPanel servers.


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Jul 21, 2002
PuReWebDev said:
Your right, I guess being able to check the status of a server with your cell phone, or being able to reboot a server from your cell phone is not essential , but when your time is equal to money and your not near a computer, I hope your freeware program does what you need.

I'm not sure why anyone would get sticker shock from $199, that is for the entire year, not like our expensive monthly cpanel licenses. Cpanel and Hybodus, are both only tools, tools you invest in, so that you can make a return on your investment.

Umm it's $199 per year?


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Oct 12, 2003
A lite version would make me buy.. i dont know many cpanel hosts running oracle/mssql or db2 servers either. The hosting market is so cut throat cheap price that unless your managing an entire data center a light version would be extremely valuable to us small fry.


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Mar 6, 2003
Virtual Orbis / Peru
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Suggestion for Hybodus people for his "webhosting business release"

Don´t drop the remote agent that runs in the remote server
Don´t drop string check for custom HTTP monitors
Make your SMS feature compatible with clickatell.com
Include the option for creating users with access to certain reports
(maybe let my customers see their numbers and only their numbers).

Or maybe have 2 (or more) pricing scales
For less than 5 servers ($120)
For more than 5 servers ($200)
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Oct 14, 2003
PuReWebDev said:
Why would someone pay more, the more they buy? It should be the other way around, less expensive the more you buy.
He wasn't pricing it per server.

Perhaps it makes more sense to say:

"Lite" version limited to 5 servers $120

"Unlimited" version $200

If you have 2 servers you are paying $60 per. If you have 40 you are paying $5. That pricing does not work out for people with 6, 7 or 8 servers though. Honestly however if this is a product you have an interest in and you maintain 6 or more servers, the $200 price tag should not deter you. I can understand being deterred if you have 1 or 2 servers. $120 may deter you in that situation. $99 would seem like a better number for the 5 servers or less crowd. Of course then the price point works out unfairly for those with between 6 to 9 servers, but my 6 or more statement still applies.

Is this really a cPanel addon? Why isn't this thread in ads and offers?


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Apr 7, 2002
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Any CPanel users that have hybodus running care to share their tips about setting it up under cpanel, like tips on smnp configuration (which i just cant get to work under fedora 2 on an ahtlon 64)

Im also trying to figure out how to get PgSQL montioring and MySQL Connections to work

any thoughts comments suggestions???