Jun 28, 2007
Well guys , I'm really new to HyperVM and when I ordered new server , I ordered 12 IP's with it and then installed HyperVM on my server and tried creating a VM and I enter the secondl IP address assigned by datacenter to me and I see : Ip already in use , I rang up Datacenter I think they removed the IP's from my main server so that can be added in HyperVM , I added and I was able to make VPS now

and when I made VPS I assigned the ip to it say : xx.xx.xx.8 and selected 2 in Number Of Ips(from Pool) and according to that the next two IP's should be xx.xx.xx.9 and xx.xx.xx.10 correct? , I add them in new cPanel VPS and then I go to cPanel Basic Setup and assign xx.xx.xx.8 to my ns1... and xx.xx.xx.9 to my ns2 (Nameserver) and add those IP in namecheap to register nameservers and damn it doesnt work more than 24 hrs passed away not working yet

Please help me guys

P.s : my Namecheap account says :

1 ns1........... xx.xx.xx.9
Created: 2008-03-17
2 ns2........ xx.xx.xx.8
Created: 2008-03-17
tried nslookup and it says non-existant domain