I am unable to send or receive emails on webmail

Ashish Ranjan

Sep 8, 2020
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Hi team,this is the serious issue i am facing by past 10-15 days.
I am unable to send mails to anyone,mail are getting sent in my sent box but it is not getting delivered to recepients.

I am unable to receive mails also ,few mails am getting too late (after one or 2 day) and rest of them i dont know where it is going.

i am geeting very bad impression in front of my clients due to this,kindly look into this and resolve or help me step by stem as i dont knw about this too much.

thanking you.


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Nov 20, 2014
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As a web site owner, you'll have very few tools available to you to fix this yourself.
Are you sending via webmail or via email software on your computer.
If on your computer, then check your internet connection etc etc.
If via web mail, then I'd concur with Lauren, raise a support ticket with the people that hosts your package.
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