Apr 25, 2013
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hi good day to all, well I have a problem hiring a server for days and with CPANEL license thing is to install cpanel on my server correctly but when I start I get in to the that the license is not activated, when actually the license if it is enabled and you check in the application of CPANEL and says that this active, so I did what I was saying in the error that threw me was this picture:


my server is on centos 6.4 and then from there run this command:


when I came out I did mistake this message:

Updating cPanel license .... Done. Update Failed!

Error Message:

the license server CPanel Said That your license has been expired.

then check whether the IPTABLES port 80 is open and so is port 80 on my server is open. as shown in this picture:


please help with this problem that I can not enter my WHH

Thank you.


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Feb 25, 2010
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Run this command:

# curl http://www.cpanel.net/apps/myip/
That will return an IP address. Copy and paste that IP address into this page:

License Verification - cPanel Inc.

It is likely going to show that the license on the IP address is expired. If your hosting provider is supposed to include cPanel with your hosting package, talk to your hosting provider about this. If you want a license directly from cPanel, please contact customer service for help acquiring a valid license.

You can also submit a ticket at no charge so we can look at this problem directly.