I can only send emails through webmail

Boris Panov

Apr 13, 2019
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Hello. I tried searching my problem and couldn't find anything similar on the forums or on Google. That probably just means that I'm an idiot and the solution is something simple that I'm not thinking of.

When I configure new email address' through cPanel, they send/receive successfully through the webmail clients within cPanel. The problem is when I follow the configuration settings to set up other email clients like Gmail or Outlook, it always fails to connect to server. I've tried to configure it with multiple test accounts and even tried with no SSL/TLS security but still nothing. Is it just a DNS issue?

If anyone can kindly point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Thanks ;)


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Nov 14, 2017
More information on the issue would most certainly be helpful, Guide To Opening An Effective Forums Thread gives an idea of the sorts of information we can use to help you with your issue.

In this instance having an understanding of the error that's being output when you're attempting to connect as well as the configuration (ports, settings) you're using in the mail client would be useful.