I can receive mails from any mail server but not able to send mails from other mail servers

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Mar 9, 2020
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I can receive mails from any mail server but not able to send mails to other mail servers like Google, live.com.

I use cpanel mail dashboard to send mails manually. It's not working after upgrade my hosting. I just upgraded. Not migrated in GoDaddy.

After Upgrade I can receive mails from any other mail server. But it's not sending mail to any other servers. But can send between my mail server. I created some mails which I owned domains. Those all can send and receive between them. Only problem is can't send to other mail servers.

Due to this my websites also not able to send now Auto mails to my customers. For example. When customer order something they will get order confirmation via mail or e-mail verification. This is one site.

Same issue on my another site. It's e-magazine website. When some Author published new Article it will send auto mail like wait for review and admin get mail automatically that you got new Article to verify from this author and this date etc. Now m not receiving any mails. Coz admin mail is set to @live.com and @gmail.com. But I didn't do any changes on my server. I just upgraded my hosting plan and rest they have did Automatically after this upgration I face this issue. Kindly please help me.

Note: All domain effected and same issue for all domains hosted same server which was upgraded recently.

Other hosting and other domain which hosted with other hosting have no issue.
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Nov 14, 2017

It sounds like your hosting provider did not complete the upgrade successfully in order to resolve this you need to discuss the issues you're experiencing with them directly.