I can't make a redirect from my own non-www domain to my another www domain


Apr 26, 2022
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Hi Cpanel community.

I work at an E-commerce business and we use your services for server and domain managment. I have no experience dealing with servers but i do have some experience with computers. Right now we are in need to change some redirect's with our domain names but for some reason i could not find an answer for, i'm not being able to redirect our domain name "domain.com" to our other domain "www.otherdomain.com"

For instance, when i did the set up in DNS Zone Manager for the host record "www.domain.com.br" to CNAME "www.domain.com.br.direcionar.com.br", this configuration in the DNS Zone Manager work's fine. The "domain.com.br" at the end of that CNAME corresponds to a link which is used by our platform for selling online "Loja Integrada" as their default servers configuration.

When i try to set a CNAME host "wareshop.com.br" CNAME to "www.domain.com.br.direcionar.com.br" of course the WHM wont allow me to do it cause it is a specific rule for CNAME.

So, i've started researching online to be able to redirect non-www to www. I found some solutions online but they did not work either.

For example, the redirect code that online forums suggest to be added to the .htaccess file simply does not work.
So whenever i edit the .htaccess file, nothings happens. This maybe happening because, as i have read online, the .htaccess is not enable by default in our server configuration. I tried unsuccessfully to find how i could turn this file on, but i havent found the answer. It seems that i should access our servers through a Linux system, or the ms-dos in windows, but i don't know how can i access our servers via prompt.

By using the cPanel redirect user interface, nothing happens either. So at this point i'm unable to find the answer.
I have readed a lot of information online, and i also have searched this forum before posting this thread, but still i can't found what is the exact problem i'm facing.

I would guess that it is the .htaccess file that is not enabled, but any form of solution is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! You won't want to edit the DNS settings, but using the .htaccess code is likely the best way to go. If you have access to the cPanel interface can you try using the Redirects page to perform that work?

That tool writes the .htaccess code for you automatically based on what you choose in the interface options.